Craig and Andrews Visits

Talk about two extremes. These back-to-back trips couldn’t have been more so.

The drive to Craig is one of our all-time favorites…just gorgeous!

When we got to town we checked into our hotel then went to the church and looked around a bit. Then we headed to the Loudy-Simpson Park and let the kids fish for an hour or so.

Nathan didn’t actually fish. He napped in the van. Guess he’s decided he’s not a fisherman, but he did hop in and help clean everything us.

No one caught anything, but it was pretty windy so that might be the cause.

After fishing we got dinner at Taco Bell and went to the park to play for a while. Then we headed to Gerald and Janis’s house and visited for a few hours.

We had service with them on Sunday morning and headed home in time to get to the church about 45 minutes before church started. I took the kids to the park to burn off a little energy.

The trip to Texas was not quite as pretty, but it was easily as much fun!
We drove to Andrews on Friday and spent the weekend with Aunt Sue, mostly. The kids fell in love with her immediately. More than one of them came to me that night and said, “Aunt Sue’s GREAT!!!”

Jon had been having tooth issues since our trip to Craig and it only escalated during the trip to Andrews. He did mostly ok on the drive down, but was in bed all day Saturday. It didn’t slow the kids or Aunt Sue down. They (Aunt Sue, Luke, Abbie and Zeke) were up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to the park while it was still kind of cool-ish. When they got home they indulged in one of the many ice cream treats in the freezer. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing on the iPads, taking baths in Aunt Sue’s big tub, throwing balls in the backyard, spraying each other with the hose and just generally hanging out. It was GREAT! We also made a trip to Aunt Sue’s store and the park after it cooled off.

The kids were always trying to teach Aunt Sue how to play a game she introduced them to.

Lydia managed to get wet while Zeke was filling the birdbath.

Abbie found these scarves and Aunt Sue showed her how to tie them to make vests. She thought she looked like an Indian woman.

Here’s one just for fun! Love the washcloth on Zeke’s head.

Jon did get to feeling better that evening and sat up and visited for a while.
He was fine all day Sunday, thank the Lord! He was able to preach both services.

The kids also got acquainted with “Aunt” Stacey. After church Sunday morning we all went back to Aunt Sue’s house and had lunch then Jon and I headed over to visit with Sam and Tammy. We left the kids with Aunt Sue and Stacey. They all fell in love with Stacey too! I’m not sure what all went on but I do know that there was a bottle of spray whipped cream involved. :-)

We headed for home Monday morning, not quite as early as we’d planned, because of staying up to watch one of the NBA finals games. We’ve noticed over the course of the last several trips that the kids are traveling better. There are far fewer bathroom stops which makes for much quicker trips. Woohoo!


  1. Mom Smith Says:

    HAHAHAHA! A trip to Andrews looks (and smells) a LOT different than a trip to Craig! :-)
    I love all the pictures. And I’m so glad the kids got to spend some time with Aunt Sue and “Aunt” Stacey. I know they’ll ALWAYS remember it. :-)

  2. sam and tammy Says:

    Fun…. Great post. Glad you all were able to make it to Andrews.

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