Miss Lydia’s First Birthday

I don’t know if I’ll go back and blog the last few months, but this absolutely cannot go without blogging. :-)

Yesterday was a busy day so we saved Lydia’s party for tonight. After dinner it was time for cake…and she was SOOOO excited!

She almost grabbed the lighted candle.

The candle did keep her contented until I got her piece of cake cut.

Yep…that’s good cake!

She wasn’t a terrible mess, but once I got her cleaned up it was time to open presents…kind of.

Zeke wanted to know if the rest of them were as slow as she was. Ha! She had no clue what to do.

The kids got impatient and showed her what to do. :-)
It’s a book! She loves to read. And had to have the book read to her immediately.

She got super happy at the end of the book where she could see herself in the little mirror.

The next present was also a book…Luke volunteered to read this one to her.

Her last gift tonight was a Snow White doll. She loves babies too!

Lovin’ on her baby.

Trying to figure out that hair.

So far she isn’t walking on her own, but she has started standing up for a few seconds at a time and she’ll be in the middle of the room on the floor then all at once she’s standing up. It won’t be long once she gets up her nerve to take off.

None of us can believe how quickly this year has gone by.
Happy 1st Birthday, Lydia!!!


  1. Mom Smith Says:

    WAY adorable! All day long I’ve been going to stop and text you for pictures. I figured you’d had the party yesterday. I thought of her all day yesterday, but just never stopped to call. I am SO the bad grandma!
    She is just soooooo cute!

  2. Janis Cox Says:

    She has changed for sure, but I can’t say who she is looking like her hair color has lightened, so pretty hardly believe its been a year, growing up to fast.

  3. Jamey Says:

    Happy Birthday Lydia!!! I can’t believe its already been a year!!! She is sooo adorable and I’m sure she enjoyed her cake. She is like me and enjoys food ;)

  4. Gaylene Says:

    Grandma Vicki should be so proud. Now she has two grand daughters that look like her. Looks like Lydia had a good time. I can’t believe she is one already. I love Abigail’s expression in the one picture where Lydia is kissing the Snow White doll. She looks like she is kissing too. lol Thanks for posting. I was thinking you gave up doing this.

  5. Tammy Says:

    She is sooo cute… and has grown!

  6. sam and tammy Says:

    SO so cute. Happy Birthday Lydia.

  7. Marcia Brooks Says:

    So cute. Happy belated birthday! She has made my year coming to me and letting me hold her at convention without me asking. She’s the first ever to do that so she has a special place now always. :) God bless you all. Was wonderful to see you all and enjoyed convention so much.

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