Annual Girls’ Day Out

Kristin’s been in town for weeks and we hadn’t had a chance to have our annual outing…until this weekend. Yay!

We got up and going pretty early for a Saturday. Abbie and I picked Haley, Anna and Kristin up at 8:30 so that we could be at Hammond’s Candy Factory at 9 when the Candy Cane Festival started. Good thing too…the parking lot was full when we got there just a little after 9 and the line for the tour was starting to get long. You should have heard the squeals of joy as we drove into the parking lot and saw all the fun things to do. We were all soooo excited! We decided to take the factory tour first. It was plenty chilly standing in line so we were happy to get inside where it was warm. We each got a peppermint ball, a broken, reject candy cane and a paper hat. Then they crammed us into a small room where we had to wait a few minutes. Then it was time for the tour. We got to watch them make several different candies…lollipops, candy canes, marshmallow caramels, turtles and piggy backs. It all looked yummy!

After the tour we headed back into the cold. We wandered around the tent filled with candies and oohed and aahed over all the funny-looking, yummy candy. Outside the candy tent were some games…a bean bag toss, ring toss and one of those things you hit with a hammer to find out how strong you are (what is that called?). Abbie, Anna and I are wimps, but Haley and Kristin both made the bell ring!

There was another tent with Santa in it, but we decided that we didn’t really want to stand in another line to see him. I thought for sure Haley would make us do it, but she passed too. :-)

The girls were dying to go to the bouncy castles so that’s what we did next. Their first stop was the bouncy slide.

For whatever reason Haley decided she wanted to try it out too.

She recorded her trip down the slide. :-)

After a while the stairs to the bouncy slide started collapsing so we grabbed the girls and let them jump in the other bouncy castles for a while.

There were a couple more things we wanted to do, but the lines were getting long everywhere so we grabbed the girls and headed for the “trolley ride”. This trolley looked an awful lot like a train to us. I have no idea how long we stood in line, but we did a lot of bouncing around in an attempt to get warm. Then finally it was our turn. The three girls got into one car and Haley and I got into the one behind them. Those seats were not designed for two women who’ve had multiple children. :-)

We all wished we’d have thought to take a video while we were riding. It was the most fun we had all day! The driver of the train could turn such a tight circle that the engine would end up next to me and Haley at the very end…we ended up looking like one of the lollipops we watched them make in the factory. It was soooo cool! We laughed and squealed the entire time…well, except for those few moments when Kristin and I thought we were going to be sick. Really? We weren’t moving that fast. Pitiful!

After the train, we got in line to go on the “carriage ride”. It was really more like a hay ride without the hay or the farm. Not as great as we’d hoped for.

While we waited in line for the horse ride, Abbie and Anna wanted to take a look at the fire engine, but the line was too long so they came back with firemen hats instead. Of course we all had to try them on and have our picture taken. I’ll have to get Haley to send me the pictures she took. Guess I didn’t get any with the hats.

Also while we were standing in the very long line, Haley discovered that the taffy she won from showing how strong she is resembled bacon. She had to have her picture taken with her giant strip of bacon. :-)

When we got done with the horses, and sufficiently cold, we headed back to the van and tried to decide where to eat lunch. We were all just glad to be in a semi-warm environment again.
After some discussion, and much confusion, we ended up at Qdoba in Northfield. The highlight of that stop was the soda machine…you could get a cherry vanilla Coke! Yum! There were a myriade of flavors…so much fun!

By the time we got done eating it was almost 1 PM so we headed home. Most of us still had things we needed to accomplish…unfortunately the day seemed to have taken it’s toll and I wasn’t very motivate to do anything for several hours. ;-)

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  1. Momma Smith Says:

    How FUN!!!! Wish I could have been there, too. I would have gone down the slide with Haley. Unless it collapsed first. (or during!). HA!
    Cherry vanilla is my most favorite from those machines! Except for the cherry limeade at Firehouse Subs. They have that option in their machine. It’s total sugar! It’s FANTASTIC!!! :-)
    So happy you got to have a girls’ day. I would love to have one of those.

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