Decorating for Christmas

The kids absolutely insisted that we get out the Christmas decorations on Monday. I wasn’t sure I wanted to put much up since we won’t be here for Christmas, but Jon convinced me to let them put some of it up. It makes them all so happy to have the house decorated for Christmas.

Abbie, Zeke, Lydia and I worked in the house. All the kids have loved the Fisher-Price nativity set and Lydi is no exception.

I’d asked Caleb and Luke to hang the wreaths on the lights out front and change out the light bulbs to red and green. Before I knew it they were grabbing ladders and the box of lights and volunteering to climb up on the roof.

They came in to ask me to take a look at what they’d done so far to make sure it was up to snuff. They were getting ready to move the ladder to the next spot and it was at that point that I told them to be careful because I sure didn’t need them falling and breaking any bones. I did not want to be making a trip to the hospital with them. How ironic is that?! Only God knew what was going to happen the very next day.

The house looks respectably festive and we didn’t have all the mess that we normally do. I just need to get a stocking for Lyida and then come up with some way to hang all 6 of the stockings. But that’ll have to wait a few more days. We got snow a couple days ago and it’s been way too cold to haul everybody out. We’ll get it done though. Abbie won’t let me forget about getting Lydia a stocking. :-)

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  1. Momma Smith Says:

    We need to see a night shot of the kids’ handiwork.
    I’ve thought about Lydia’s stocking for here, too. I finally finished the last kid’s stocking just a couple of years ago. I think it was either Sam’s or Joe’s that was the last one to be done. But now there’s Lydia. I look forward to doing a new one.

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