The Rest of November According to my iPhone

Luke has decided that he really wants to cook. He’s been gravitating toward desserts. GREAT! Just what we need. Anyway, he and Caleb ended up making sugar cookies a couple weeks ago. They turned out pretty good. The cookies looked a little funky, but when they were covered with frosting no one was the wiser. I had to take a picture of them in their flour covered shirts. :-)

The next day we drove across town to Littleton to have our family pictures taken. We had to be there at 9 AM. We were the first ones there but two other families walked in after us. Crazy that it was already packed at that hour. Poor Lydia was feeling pretty rough and no matter how hard the photographer tried she would NOT smile. I felt bad for him. At least she isn’t screaming in any of the ones we picked. While we waited for them to print the pictures the kids and I drove around the little shopping center and found a really neat calendar and game shop. One entire wall of the building was dedicated to calendars. The rest of the building was games and toys. The boys were excited to find these Minecraft weapons. Nathan decided to sit in the car for that part of the trip so I had to take pictures to show him.

We got a pretty decent snow the next day and I saw the kids playing with the little girl across the street’s sled. So we went out the next day and bought them a couple sleds of their own. I don’t know why we haven’t done that before. ~shaking head~ The kids had to let Lydia try out the sleds before they took them outside. She loved being pushed around.

The fourth Sunday of each month is our VLB service. Haley has the kids do as much of it as they can. It was really neat this month to have Kristin here to play the piano. Jon was in Andrews so I took this picture for him. I knew he’d love to see the three of them up there playing their instruments.

The next big thing that happened was Nathan going to Tennessee. He boarded a plane on November 26th to spend a month with his grandparents. He was really quiet all morning. When he hugged me before he left I told him to leave quickly because I didn’t want to cry all over him. I did good, but poor Abbie cried all through her shower after he left. :-)

Things got busy after that so I didn’t have much time to think about him being gone. There was cooking to be done for Thanksgiving and packing for the weekend. There were no down moments that day to think about him being gone.

We spent the Thanksgiving weekend with the Hays in Colorado Springs. It was a great, relaxing weekend. On Thursday we had smoked turkey and all the fixin’s.

Lydia enjoyed her first Thanksgiving a lot! She loved Brother Dustin’s smoked turkey and the sweet potatoes.

After dinner Jamey and I looked through the Black Friday ads. Before we knew what was happening Jamey and I were putting on our coats, finding our purses and getting in the van. We’d been talking about how bad it was that so many of the sales were starting on Thanksgiving night, but that didn’t stop us from going out. Pitiful!

First stop, Toys R Us. The last couple of years we’ve driven by Toys R Us, looked at the line wrapped all the way around the building and just kept on driving. For whatever reason this year, we pulled into the parking lot, parked the van and got in line with all the rest of the crazies. To be fair, the line was only about a quarter of the way around the building. We stood in line for about an hour and it was COLD! They were letting in 50 people at a time, keeping the building at maximum capacity all the time. As the line was approaching the door I said to Jamey, “Watch, they’re gonna stop letting people in when we get to the door.” Shoulda just kept that to myself. Sure enough we had to wait for the next wave. :-)

Here we are waiting at the door.

When we finally got inside it didn’t take us very long to find what we were after, but then we had to get in line. Had we known what we were doing, we would have just gotten in line and then grabbed what we needed. The line weaved through most of the aisles in the store and what we were after was located in the aisles right near the front of the line. Oh well…Jamey and I are people watchers so we didn’t mind the line at all. After an hour and half of watching people we were ready to get moving.

We headed to Target, grabbed some Starbucks and tried to shop. WOW! That place was CRAZY! The line to check-out was wrapped all the way around the store. Twice maybe. We were having a hard time finding what we were looking for anyway (the bins were mostly empty or seriously picked over) so we decided to get out of there and go to Wal-Mart. In all the years we’ve been going Black Friday shopping we have NEVER seen the Wal-Mart parking lot as empty as it was when we got there around 9:30. We were all wrapped up and home by 10:30. It was great to be able to get a good night’s sleep and go back out in the morning at a decent hour, rather than 5 AM. :-)

We did go back out for a few hours on Friday morning. When we got home the guys went out for a couple hours. They weren’t near as adventurous as us though. They just went to Lowe’s and Home Depot. :-) Jamey and I watched a movie while they were gone then we both fell asleep on the couch. The rest of the evening was spent eating at random intervals and playing games.

Saturday morning was spent gathering stuff and getting ready for the District Rally that Brother Dustin had planned for that afternoon. We had good attendance and even some surprise attendees. Brother Hector and Sister Erika were in town visiting Brother Hector’s family so they drove down and joined us.

It was a really good rally! We enjoyed the Lord’s presence from beginning to end. After the service we enjoyed good food and fellowship too.

And that concludes November.
I’ve got more to blog so stay tuned. Wish I could keep up like this more often. :-)

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  1. Momma Smith Says:

    Who knew having one less kid would somehow make you able to blog all the time! HAHAHA! Just kidding! But I AM amazed at all your great posts. They’re great and the pictures are fantastic. Thanks so much for posting.
    BTW, Nathan is much improved today. His leg jiggles look more like just normal jiggling that both of my children have always driven me crazy with, not the kind of jiggling that covers pain. Know what I mean? And the swelling in his fingers has gone down considerably.

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