Caleb’s 13th Birthday

We now have two…TWO…teenagers in our house. How did this happen?

Mornings just aren’t our thing around here anymore so Caleb said we could do waffles with berries and whipped cream for lunch. That meant that after his customary bowl of cereal he was ready to open presents. First was a Nerf dart gun from Granddad and Grandma Vicki. All the kids have at least one Nerf gun now meaning that there are regular dart gun wars around my house. Fun!

Next was a big box from Grandma Loree and Papa.

He was super excited to get his new “teenage” quilt.

We took mini-donuts to church that night but everyone got out of there in a hurry so we had a little party at home after church.

I told him that someday he’d be embarrassed by this picture. :-)

This is his gift from Haley…a Darth Vader chalice. He loves it!

Happy 13th Birthday, Caleb!

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  1. Momma Smith Says:

    They grow up WAY too fast! Just remember that, when you’re exhausted with Lydia. ;-)
    Thanks for the post and the pictures.

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