And now for some random cuteness…

There are always a lot of Lydia pictures when I take them off my phone. It’s too hard to keep them in order so I’ll just share some of my favorites.

Janis and Hannah picked out this dress for Lydi…had to take a picture for them.

Love the way Nathan’s looking at her. :-)

This is the football that Zeke bought for his birthday and returned a few days later because it split wide open at the seam. But she loved it while it was around.

I couldn’t find the cute little hat that Abbie wore when she was this age so we had to go pick out something from Target. Lydi HATES it!

Helping the boys get ready to go hunting.

I was working in the kitchen and needed to keep Lydia occupied so I opened the “tupperware” cabinet. She was having a blast throwing everything on the floor.

I forgot one thing though…the dog food was under the drawer. Yep, you got it. I turned around and managed to stop her just before she started to grab the dog food. Yuck! She’s gonna have to learn not to mess with it…hopefully before she decides to stick a handful into her mouth. Eeewwww!!!!

Our dining room is kinda cramped with 8 people trying to get around the table so a highchair was going to be a real problem. I found this alternative on Craigslist. So far it’s been great and Lydi loves it.

Here she is trying some peas.

Sometimes she likes to play with Zeke and sometimes she doesn’t.
They both look like they’re enjoying it this time. :-)

And we’ll finish with this one…this is the first time she wasn’t confined to the stroller at the library.
Clearly she likes the library too!


  1. Momma Smith Says:

    WAY BEYOND CUTE!!!! There ought to be a better word! :-)

  2. Hale y Says:

    Love the hat! She looks like a cupcake. :)

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